Ser Jacopo's
"Domina" 2001

This Domina 2001 is a Gem Series Emerald (Smeraldo) grade. The Walnut finish
highlights the dense grain of this beautiful pipe. The unique micro fusion silver band
appears to have a random design, but is reminiscent of Gaelic runes.
The Top View shows that the neither the bowl or shank are oval or round.
The inner bend is flat, and the outer part of the shank is curved.
This is a very unique and interesting shape.
Presented in special limited edition packaging (see below).
This is No. 132 of a limited series of 333 pieces.

Photo ref: Dom001

 Domina 2001

Top View

Designing the new Domina and special micro fusion band each
year is only part of the work associated with this annual series.
A special presentation package is also needed for each year's Domina.
This year's presentation is quite possibly the most interesting
and will likely prove to the the longest lasting.
There is no doubt the inspiration for this presentation box came from that made for the Calumet series. The shape of this unit and the stitching is is somewhat different, but the overall quality is just as high.
This is not a flimsy pouch, but rather a beautifully constructed
and very strong leather box.
If this box bore the logo of Coach or
Nazareno Gabrielli it would sell for $300 by itself!
It's yours with each Domina 2001.

Leather Presentation Box for 2001

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