Ser Jacopo's
"Domina" 2003

This Domina 2003 is in the Walnut smooth finish and its grain is
highlighted by the Walnut finish. There are etched silver bands
on the shank and stem of this pipe. It's reminiscent of the
Imago mounting seen on some Ser Jacopo pipes.
Presented in special limited edition packaging (see below).
This is No. 31 of a limited series of 333 pieces.

Photo ref: Dom003

 Domina 2003

The Domina 2003 presentation box is an oval shaped super sturdy leather unit which is both beautiful and practical. As we've said before:
If this box bore the logo of Coach or
Nazareno Gabrielli it would sell for $300 by itself!
It's yours with each Domina 2003.

Leather Presentation Box for 2003

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