Pesaro -
Liberty Style

Villa Ruggeri, Pesaro - Giovanni Brega - 1904-08

This small villa overlooking the sea was commissioned by Oreste Ruggeri, a rich Italian industrialist. The stucco ornament with flowing, sinuous line and the decorative wrought iron balconies and gates are identifiable features of the style known in Italy variously as the stile floreale, the stile Inglese, or the stile Liberty, after Liberty and Company in London, the fashionable store and manufacturer of cotton cloth. This style, also known as art nouveau or jugendstil, was popular in the last decade of the nineteenth century and the first decade of the twentieth.

There are a number of buildings, mostly private homes, in this style in Pesaro. Such buildings tend to be found in areas, such as Pesaro - along the Adriatic coast. They became vacation resorts during the time of urban expansion, aided by the development of public transportation and growth of the railroads.
Most of the Liberty Style buildings in Pesaro are not as large as this example, but they are every bit as ornate.

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