Elephant & Castle's
"New World"

New World - English with Cuban Cigar Leaf

Yes...New World does contain cigar leaf from Cuba. It was a somewhat updated version of two Dunhill mixtures - one was, of course, their Cuba Mixture, the other won't be named - which McConnell had made over the years, but were no longer in production. There was a Sobranie mixture at this time which contained cigar leaf, but it didn't seem to gain anything from that leaf. New World has a distinctly exotic aroma in the tin and while burning. It's easy to see the sizable amount of cigar leaf in the mixture.
Interestingly, the decision to use Cuban cigar leaf was one of practicality, and had nothing to do with any perceived superiority or name recognition. Keep in mind these tobaccos were conceived in the late 70's and early 80's. In Europe at that time, cigars were all Cuban. The Dominican, Nicaraguan or Mexican leaf now so common, were not known across the ocean. In fact, if my timeline is correct, the Fuente family had only just established their factory in the Dominican Republic, and were mainly known for their short filler Curley Heads! How things have changed over the years.
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