Elephant & Castle's
"The Stout"

The Stout - Rich Broadcut English

To those who think, "Latakia = Strong", here was The Stout to correct that thinking. It's a broadcut mixture with striking bright and dark tobaccos - though these colors may have muted over the years. The first pleasure from The Stout came when opening the tin and smelling in its initial aroma. Then detangling the compressed tobacco from its tin. Wow, and we haven't even packed the bowl yet...
In its time there was no tobacco like The Stout. Approximately half the blend was a mixture of Lakatias - unheard of in its day. Yet The Stout was the most mellow of E&C's English mixtures, though one wouldn't call it mild. This mixture has a richness which could be enjoyed all day, and yet our offices were often filled with "Stout Smoke" at 8:30am. A special tobacco - which even the very low key Mr. McConnell felt was an, "accomplishment."
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