Elephant & Castle's
"Blue Mosque"

Blue Mosque - Turkish Fine Cut

By the early 1980's there were no longer any fine cut Turkish tobaccos being sold in the USA. Their time had passed, and light Canadian and Danish shag cuts had taken its place. As the unstated mission for Elephant & Castle was to "fill gaps" where they were found, it was decided to do a "Public Service" by including this tobacco in the range.
What we knew about cigarette tobacco was engraved on the head of a pin, but Ken McConnell's knowledge was encyclopedic. Let's face it, you don't become the best by guessing or flipping a coin! He went to work, and came up with a great mixture.
By the end of the E&C life span, Blue Mosque was the best seller by quite a margin. This is interesting considering that many US dealers didn't even want to carry this blend. We created a "Launch Offer" for new dealers specifically to insure that they had some Blue Mosque in stock.
As years passed, we began to notice that orders for Blue Mosque came in with regularity. It didn't take long to figure out why. It's a cigarette tobacco, and one 50 gram tin would probably last a day, whila a tin of pipe tobacco tends to last several days. In addition, if a smoker liked the Turkish flavor, he had few, if any options, while a pipe smoker almost always has other options.
Needless to say, we felt pretty smug by the success of our "Public Service" tobacco, but let's face it - even a blind squirrel finds a nut from time to time!
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